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Circus Freak by Swiftstack
Mature content
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Circus Freak
This portrait is a gift for my friend Aura's character, Emery.

Emery is a Dranx, whose species is created by Decepshun/SnowiePaws.

A dranx is a hybrid between a dragon and a fox.
Emery in particular is a raving, dancing, stripping, pole dancing freak who is SO DIFFICULT to draw because of her dark colors, but her glowing piercings make for some spunky artwork.

I just recently watched the new movie "The Greatest Showman" and it made me realize that being a freak is something you should embrace -- so here is Emery, embracing her inner freak with a classic left leg hang.
((IRL I also take vertical fitness classes, so it was fun to draw something that I can do.))

This piece itself is very cluttered, and there's a lot of noise. Emery looks great herself, but I tried out a lot of different styles and got the background a little too noisy? There's a lot going on in this piece, and Emery gets lost in all the clutter, I feel. A lot of this style probably won't be seen in future pieces.

This portrait is now property of Aura -- do not upload my artwork anywhere (unless you are Aura) without permission!

If you LIKE this artwork, please consider following me over on FA!…

Thank you!!
Kishi for Akala
A beautiful lineless/painted pose of Kishi for Wolfhome Forums user Akala / Kishi.
This pose is not for anyone else's use -- thank you!
All artwork by me -- went for a new painted style this time.
This took a long time -- but I am very proud!! Except for that front left paw isn't exactly touching the floor. Didn't realize till after the pose was finished. Oops.
This breed of animal is actually called a stoat -- some breed of ferret. Not quite a wolf this time.  Always love drawing new things though!
Goldfinch Warmup
Drew this the other day for a warmup (and to get back in the hang of painted shading).
Just a study of your average backyard goldfinch -- nothing special. Sorry for no furry art this time around!

Artwork by me -- not to be used or re-uploaded without permission. Thank you.
Harvest Full Pose (2017)
Hello DeviantArt! Long time no upload!
(Long time no draw, actually).

This pose is actually from November -- don't know why I waited until now to upload it. -@ Sorry!
A Full Pose Commission from Runt over at Wolfhome Forums.
This is the first full pose I've done in a while now, and it took me a really long time. Hard work paid off, though! The amount of detail in this character (Harvest) is insane.
Even now, (almost) three months later, I'm seeing things that I have improved on, and yet, I am still proud of this piece.

As stated, this pose is for Runt on Wolfhome Forums only -- do NOT upload or post my artwork anywhere.

Thanks for any feedback, comments, or favorites!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Icon (c) to WiggleWurm, Profile picture (c) to Myself.
My PM box is always open if you need anything!

Nicknames online are either Swifty or Chellow.
Offline, or on a personal note, feel free to call me Dee.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal, Dubstep
Favourite style of art: Digital Imaging, Fine Arts/Studio Arts, Dark Room Photography

Find me on:
Chatlands as Chellow. Posepro/WHF as Chellow.
Minecraft as Swiftstack. Instagram as Swiftstack. Tumblr as Swiftstack.


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